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Our Mission at SoRe Labs Inc is to use STEM enterprise education to increase social responsibility and interest in social, local enterprise among minority youth, reduce primary retention through STEM based literature, and increase success and enrollment of diverse students into advanced STEM related courses.


Our vision is that through our services, we will increase student interest in STEM, increase student proficiency on STEM related assessments and courses, increase interest in social entrepreneurship, and increase student. We envision a future where SoRe Labs Inc. works across the entire Treasure Coast bringing culturally diverse and socially relevant field trips and enhancement clubs to schools, daycares, and other youth organizations throughout our area. 


Social Responsibility: We embrace our duty to act towards change within our community

Innovation: We embrace continuous improvement and the bold creativity that leads to social change 

Stewardship: We honor our cause and the gifts of donors by being socially, financially and environmentally responsible. 

Respect: We will respect the diversity of the organizations and students we serve and require other students to do the same

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