The Board & Staff with the Vision:

Dominique Cesar

Curriculum Coordinator

John Cesar

Community Resource Coordinator

Makeda Brome
Board  Secondary Math

 Curriculum Specialist

Patricia Thorpe
Primary Ed. STEM Curriculum Specialist 

Nady Jean
Board Member

Kevin Davis

Board Member

Education experience is rooted deep in the Board of the SoRe organization. With over 30 years of educational experience, every member of our board has experience working and teaching in the public and private education sector. With a Gates Millennium Fellow, Former Social Worker, Social Entrepreneur, and Veteran educator with nationwide experience; our Board is not only versatile, but also knowledgeable with the resources that work best for our students. 

Founder Dominique Cesar first came up with the seed of SoRe while in high school daydreaming of changing the world with her twin brother, D'Mitri. During her years of college at Indian River State College(AA), Florida State University(BS), and University of Texas-Arlington(MS-Ed); she would hone and craft her ideas to the organization you see today.


While in college, she taught career and employment skills to Workforce Plus adults, helped pioneer a cultural exchange club, and piloted a Human Trafficking awareness project toward a Human Rights certificate with the Red Cross. Her professional career includes teaching STEM subject(s)  in a culturally cognizant manner at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. This included projects like video game creation to teach stats, homeless shelter designs to teach area and perimeter of irregular shapes, disabilities to teach ratios, and rap remixes for content knowledge. She has volunteered to tutor migrant youth in STEM subjects and brought DEAR and STEM challenges to the city summer camp the year she directed it.  

Community Resource Director John Cesar is a Fort Pierce native that gained invaluable knowledge through his educational (FSU) and professional experience as a Social Worker and Career Planner in Saint Lucie County.

Makeda Brome proves small schools do not equal small minds. She elected to stay local for college (IRSC) over opportunities to go Ivy League, and she translated this decision into academic and professional success. As a student, she never graduated with anything less than Magna Cum Laude. As a teacher, her young career has produced much as she has held roles as Math Department Chair, Teacher Mentor, Florida Governor Minority Teacher of the Year (2016), and Gates Millennium Fellow.


Patricia Thorpe found her home in education years ago after graduating from Louisiana State University and experiencing entrepreneurial success in her hometown of Shreveport, La. Her second life as a teacher has led her to teaching experiences on every coast of the continental United States. 

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