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Education is core to becoming socially responsible and foundational to giving the underrepresented youths of a generation the confidence and tools needed to excel in a professional, sustainable, and social enterprising world.


With this in mind, we have complied a series of free SoRe courses and certificate programs that provide the education students and business owners alike need to create a socially responsible society and socially responsible businesses. Feel free to explore one or all of the courses.

We take the time to note that like all things in the world of education and technology, things are always changing. So while we plan to maintain accurate courses and records, the reality is there may be times the courses listed change faster than we can update them. In the unfortunate event that this happens, we encourage you to explore any of the websites and databases cited on our SoRe U Resources Page

Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT) forever continues to change with their platform for free undergraduate and graduate learning that provided rigorous educational oppurtunites to individuals, professionals, even high schoolers that might not otherwise get the oppurutnity to 'attend' a university like MIT. Though students do not recieve credit, certification, or a degree for completing the courses, the education and knowledge gained by completing a course and unmatched and uncomparable. 


MIT's opensource has courses that allow students to explore business ethics and social responsibility like: 


Good Foods 


Ethics and Social Responsibility

Cross Cultural Leadership


A few courses that educate you on law and regulation are: 


Laws for the Entrepreneur

Patents, Copyright, & IP  (created something? Start here to learn how securing it)

Laws on mergers and acquisitions

Laws on Corporate  Finance


Costs: M-I-T IS F-R-E-E

This Business Ethics is 'a derived copy from the Corporate Governance course previously published in Connexions. While many courses using this title place emphasis on applying classical philosophical and ethical theory, this course's approach is decidedly interdisciplinary and practical. It is not designed as a socio-humanistic elective, a service philosophy course, or even an applied philosophical ethics course but as a laboratory, skills-based course where students develop, practice, and refine decision-making and problem-solving strategies that they will carry with them into the world of business practice.'


This module based program includes material dealing with Ethical Leadership, Ethical Decision-Making, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance..all topics that you need to know and understand to be a socially conscious and responsibile business.


Just hit the START button positioned just above the Summary portion and you are ready to begin! Navigate through the modules using the 'NEXT MODULES' button at the bottom right of each page



Cost: FREE 

It is important that we develop businesses that are corporately responsible, and the first step to doing that is being knowledgable about the laws and regulations. 


Alison Learning, a leading provider in 'online workplace focused certification, provides two programs for relating to business law: 


Fundamentals of Business Law 

This program reviews the various business models, basic business principles, and legal recommendations, financial status, taxation, and liability related to these principles.


Diploma in Business and Legal studies

This course covers legal and business topics like corporate management, human resources, operations management, accounting, types of law, how laws are created, the adversary system, and legal procedures. Upon completion of this program, you will be have a better understanding of the legal aspects of business and the legal system in general.




Cost: FREE 

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