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Education is core to becoming socially responsible and foundational to giving the underrepresented youths of a generation the confidence and tools needed to excel in a professional, sustainable, and social enterprising world.


With this in mind, we have complied a series of free SoRe courses and certificate programs that provide the education students and business owners alike need to create a socially responsible society and socially responsible businesses. Feel free to explore one or all of the courses.

We take the time to note that like all things in the world of education and technology, things are always changing. So while we plan to maintain accurate courses and records, the reality is there may be times the courses listed change faster than we can update them. In the unfortunate event that this happens, we encourage you to explore any of the websites and databases cited on our SoRe U Resource Page

Alison Learning community is a leader in in online workplace training and offers a course in Sustainability. As the course outline states, 'This free online Diploma in Sustainable Development reviews a diverse range of topics including what exactly sustainability is and what systems of practice are most commonly used, and in particular, examines the importance of sustainable development in counteracting global climate change.'


Topics addressed across the modules of this diploma include

Sustainable Business,

What is Sustainability, and

Water and Human Health


Start now! 


Cost: FREE

MIT continues provide a great oppurtunity for important learning experiences. MIT's Environmental Courses are split into subject areas that guide you to where your area of interest that relate to sustainability like: Culture and Society, Materials Goods & Waste, Markets, and Goverence. in these focused areas, you have the oppurtunity to sort through the courses you are interested in, but a few we suggest beginning with are: 


 Planning for Sustainable Development

Developmental Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Development Policy

Economic & Environmental Issues in Material Selection


Cost: FREE 

The Center for Sustainable Development is an international organization that works towards eradicating poverty through educating and training people in communities across the world. As part of their efforts, they created an online learning community where you can learn and earn a diploma in areas like: Adaptaion to climate change

Designing and funding nonprofits

Food security,

and Water conservation


While these courses are geared towards communities in developing countries; they still contain information that can be useful for all business owners working towards becoming sustainable. Besides, what do you have to lose? Sign up now!

Columbia University's Earth Institute is offering an Introduction to Sustainability Course through "The Age of Sustainable Development" gives students an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development - that is, economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.'


A world reknown economists, Professor Jeffery Sachs of Columbia University brings his expertise and experience to the world through this highly anticipated course. This Course addresses not just Sustainable business development, but Human Rights & Gender Equality, Education, Sustainable Food supply & Ending Hunger, and Curbing Climate Change. Start this course today, it may not be here long term!!!



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