Welcome to SoRe University!!!

Welcome to SoRe University!!!

*Disclaimer: Okay,  so we aren't an actual university...at least not yet...* but you can still learn here

Education is core to becoming socially responsible and foundational to giving the underrepresented youths of a generation the confidence and tools needed to excel in a professional, sustainable, and social enterprising world.


With this in mind, we have complied a series of free SoRe courses and certificate programs that provide the education students and business owners alike need to create a socially responsible society and socially responsible businesses. Feel free to explore one or all of the courses.

We believe that Social Enterprises are important businesses that can change the face of Urban communities in the United States because they are enterprises in the businesses of making money and changing lives while they do it.


This type of model can lend itself to the interest of those simplying want to make money and at the same time peak the interest of those simply wanting to make a change in their community; but before we can even explore the impact these business models can have on communities, people have to be educated that such a model exists and can help them reach whatever their goals are. 


Through the College of Social Enterprise, you can take courses that prepare you for opening your social enterprise and earn certificates that can bolster your knowledge and resume moving forward for any career in this multibillion dollar industry.

Once you get your business started, something to consider before starting your business, and something to keep in mind even after you've started a business is sustainability. 


When we say sustainability, we mean that in two important ways: 1) sustainability as the ability for a business to last or exist for a long time and 2) sustainability as businesses choosing resources and supply chains so 'we will continue to have the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment. (USEPA)'


Through the College of Sustainability, you can find courses and certificate programs that will teach you what sustainability is, why it is important, and how you can make sure your business or the business you work for is doing everything necessary to be sustainable in every way possible.

So how do you balance the line between  ethical and unethical ways of earning a profit? What if I dont believe in social enterprise but I do want to make sure that my business is following all legal and ethical guidelines as a business?


Coporate Social Responsibility (CSR) addresses these topics and helps you understand the ethics of business. The moral compass of individual business owners may vary, but there are certain practices that must be a common theme across all business and all industries.


Through the College of Social Responsibility, you can find resources that allow you to learn about ethics of business as well as the laws and legal topics that relate to owning and running a business.As a relatively young field and a topic that is so heavily debated, there arent as many resources available, but we complied a few of the best that we feel you cannot afford to ignore.

STEM Studies

Before you can start the business, even while you are still a student of the tradional classroom, you have to learn how to think. Too often and for too long, scientific creativity and innovation have been things we took for granted in the United States as pure natural ability, intuitive, and honestly for the socially awkward escaping reality. But the truth is, science and math do more than create innovation; they change the way you view and face problems and approach solving those problems. 


Through the STEM Studies, you can engage in projects, experiments, and general learning experiences that will help you develop critical thinking  and innovative problem solving skills. The STEM field is an industry that is expected to grow over twice as fast as any other non-STEM field

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