SoRe U Resources

*Disclaimer: Okay,  so we aren't an actual least not yet...* but you can still learn here

As part of our SoRe University initative, we have complied a series of free SoRe courses and certificate programs that provide the education students and business owners alike need to create a socially responsible society and socially responsible businesses. We take the time to note that like all things in the world of education and technology, things are always changing. So while we plan to maintain accurate courses and records, the reality is there may be times the courses listed change faster than we can update them. In the unfortunate event that this happens, we encourage you to explore any of the websites and databases cited below using SoRe related terms (Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Social Enterprise, Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics, Accounting, Finance, Business Law, etc) or any other terms you are interested in-we believe in education in general. So if you find one of the courses we list are inactive or NOT user friendly, please let us know and we will do our best to make the necessary changes. 

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