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SoRe Labs is a curriculum created to teach students social responsibility,  financial literacy, and how to start  social enterprise using their personal interests, STEM training, and  skills we will teach them

Our SoRe Labs are offered in during the summer in 3-week Unit increments with daily options for 45-minute or 60-minute sessions. Access the catalog below to learn more about the Unit options and click here to contact us and start a lab.

Currently, SoRe Labs Inc. is looking for organizations and children's centers who are interested! We would love to partner with you and offer  STEM Labs at your location or a neutral site at no cost* or an affordable cost to you starting Summer 2018. If you are an organization and would like to have STEM Labs hosted at your program's location, please complete the information form here. Thank you for your interest!





The Math in Money


Branching into




Bookin' Math

(Girls Targeted)

Our SoReLabs include lessons and activities written by SoRe Labs staff as well as the BizKids business education and the Teaching Engineering STEM curriculum. 

Price: $180 per session* (up to 25 participants max)

Duration: 3-week units that meet 45 - 60 mins at twice a week**

*1 Unit = 6 sessions   **daily is the default program duration (2x per week)   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with each Lab?

Each Lab includes at least 2 SoRe Lab facilitators, all needed equipment for each lab, supplies for participants to have an experience they will remember. Back to School Challenge: Participants will get to choose from any of the techniques modeled and taugth by SoRe Lab staff to design a socially conscious bundle (canvas shoes & backpack) in time for them to sport the next school year. Math in Money : From debt and credit cards to budgets and getting your first job, the math in money uses numbers and operations to teach financial application of mathematic concepts. Branching into Change: These sessions use STEM challenges to teach preteen - teenage participants about academic content while engaging them in social Bookin' Math: This book based program teaches preteen - teenage girls grade appropriate math concepts using pop culture references to build their academic and self confidence.

Group maximum is 25 students, but is there a group minimum?

To make sure that we are offering the best service possible, there are certain fixed costs that must be covered in order for us to provide service to even one child. By charging by session rather than per participant, it allows us to make sure those fixed costs are covered so we can focus on offering the best services possible. With that said, if our services will be provided to an average of 10 or less participants per session, please let us know and we will work on providing a more customized estimate.

What needs to be setup before SoRe Labs arrive?

The SoRe Labs facilitators will arrive 15-30 minutes before the session is to begin to setup our equipment. In order for them to do so, please prepare the following:

  1. Tables and chairs will need to be set up for the participants. We will provide table covers
  2. If WiFi is needed for the Lab, the passcode will need to be available for our devices
  3. If multiple sessions will be facilitated, please provide a location that allows the SoRe Labs staff to remain in one place while participants cycle through every 60-90 mins.
  4. If it is possible to split middle & high school students, the two groups should be setup in seperate rooms/areas if possible.
  5. Any groups materials stored on site between sessions should be set out to be used at each session.

What if my group includes middle & high school students?

While SoRe Lab actitivies can be facilitated to a combined grades 6 -12 group, we suggest and advice that is possible, participants be split into a middle & high school group. As long as the total number of participants across both grade groups combines to 25 or less participants; host/organizations will not be charged for multiple groups. If the total number of participants across both grade groups combines to over 25 participants, host organizations can be charged for multiple groups.

Do we as the host site have to do anything once SoRe Labs is there?

Yes. SoRe Labs staff should never be left alone with participants. For this reason, we ask that the host site provides an additional staff/volunteer to assist with behavior monitoring, supply distribution, and restroom needs as they arise. For groups larger than 30 or organizations signed up for multiple sessions, the host party/organization is responsible for determining how participants will be split into groups for service. Host party/organization is also responsible for monitoring participants before and after their sessions concludes.

Why do sessions default to twice weekly (2x per week)? What if we cant commit to daily sessions?

Our experience in facilitating SoRe Lab sessions has shown us that when sessions are not held multiple times per week ( ie: 2x or 3x per week), activity time is lost and students do not always have adequate time to complete the Challenges as they were designed. Because our sessions are held for 45-60 mins, it means that participants do not need to be kept on site the entire day, simply available at the scheduled time of service. If we are informed ahead of time that one or two sessions needs to be canceled due to prior obligations, SoRe Labs will work to accommodate your needs, but dependent on the Challenge chosen, organizations might be charged as the funds cover the fixed cost of the materials needed for the challenge

What is the cancellation policy?

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