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SoRe Labs is a curriculum created to teach students social responsibility,  financial literacy, and how to start  social enterprise using their personal interests, STEM training, and  skills we will teach them

Our SoRe Labs are offered in during the summer in 3-week Unit increments with daily options for 45-minute or 60-minute sessions. Access the catalog below to learn more about the Unit options and click here to contact us and start a lab.

Currently, SoRe Labs Inc. is looking for organizations and children's centers who are interested! We would love to partner with you and offer  STEM Labs at your location or a neutral site at no cost* or an affordable cost to you starting Summer 2018. If you are an organization and would like to have STEM Labs hosted at your program's location, please complete the information form here. Thank you for your interest!





The Math in Money


Branching into




Bookin' Math

(Girls Targeted)

Our SoReLabs include lessons and activities written by SoRe Labs staff as well as the BizKids business education and the Teaching Engineering STEM curriculum. 

Price: $180 per session* (up to 25 participants max)

Duration: 3-week units that meet 45 - 60 mins at twice a week**

*1 Unit = 6 sessions   **daily is the default program duration (2x per week)   

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