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In our STEM Labs, we curate and facilitate Inquiry Based STEM activities aimed at engaging young minds in FSA/CCSS standards based learning, exposing young eyes to minority pioneers in STEM related careers, and challenging young hearts to socially responsible habits and mindsets. 

A Lab is Coming Near You!

Our SoRe Labs are offered as on-site field trips that bring the fun to you! We offer 60-minute, half day (4 hours), or full day (6 hours) options. Each Lab is designed to accommodate as no more than 30 students per session but multiple sessions can be run for half & full day appointments. 

Single Session:

group size 15-30*= $220 

*we charge a 15 participant minimum

for smaller groups

Half Day*:

group size 31-75= $405

*2-3 sessions lasting

45-60 minutes each

Full Day*:

group size 75+= $605

*4-5 sessions lasting 60-90 mins. Includes hr lunch for SoRe Staff

Addt'l $5 pp over 125 participants

Ooey Gooey 
Change The Game
Running a Farm
Building Math Skills

Currently, SoRe Labs Inc. is looking for organizations and children's centers who are interested! We would love to partner with you and offer  STEM Labs at your location or a neutral site at no cost* or an affordable cost to you starting Summer 2019. If you are an organization and would like to have STEM Labs hosted at your program's location, please complete the information form below. Thank you for your interest!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with each Lab?

Each Lab includes at least 2 SoRe Lab facilitators, all needed equipment for each lab, supplies for participants to have an experience they will remember. Ooey Gooey Science: matierals to make play dough and/or slime that participants will get to take home Running a Farm: bicycles w/bike blenders and supplies for participants to make their own smoothie or slushie Building Math Skills: Legos, puzzles, & other building blocks are provided with the opportunity for participants to take their own puzzles & blocks home.

Why is there a 15 participant minimum?

To make sure that we are offering the best service possible, there are certain fixed costs that must be covered in order for us to provide service to even one child. By setting a minimum, it allows us to make sure those fixed costs are covered so we can focus on offering the best services possible

What needs to be setup before SoRe Labs arrive?

The SoRe Labs facilitators will arrive 15-30 minutes before the session is to begin to setup our equipment. In order for them to do so, please prepare the following:

  1. Tables and chairs will need to be set up for the participants. We will provide table covers
  2. If WiFi is needed for the Lab, the passcode will need to be available for our devices
  3. If multiple sessions will be facilitated, please provide a location that allows the SoRe Labs staff to remain in one place while participants cycle through every 60-90 mins.

Are there group size requirements?

There is no minimum number of participants we will come serve though there is a minimum price to cover our fixed costs (see question above). While there is no official maximum, our services are most effective when executed to groups of no more than 30 and we can facilitate up to five (5) sessions with time accommodations for full day sessions bought. This means for any given full day appointment, we can service roughly 120 participants. Multiple full day appointments can be made for groups larger than 150. Please contact us for more specific details.

Do we as the host site have to do anything once SoRe Labs is there?

Yes. SoRe Labs staff should never be left alone with participants. For this reason, we ask that the host site provides an additional staff/volunteer to assist with behavior monitoring, supply distribution, and restroom needs as they arise. For groups larger than 30 or organizations signed up for multiple sessions, the host party/organization is responsible for determining how participants will be split into groups for service. Host party/organization is also responsible for monitoring participants before and after their sessions concludes.

How many sessions are in the 90 min, half day (4 hr) and full day (6 hr) sessions?

90 minutes = 1 session half day = 2-3 sessions* full day = 4-5 sessions* *half & full sessions can be accommodated to 1 hr sessions if needed

What is the cancellation policy?

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